Oliver’s Commitment to the Environment

We are sincerely dedicated to doing our part to protect the environment. Not only do we specify highly efficient products, we try to recycle everything – obviously refrigerant gas, but right down to separating the scrap metals from your old equipment, mercury thermostats, and the packaging from your new equipment. Our goal is to put as little as possible into a landfill. Our major equipment partners are also focused on green manufacturing processes and some have even earned national praise for it.


Puron® Refrigerant
Environmentally sound, chlorine-free Puron® refrigerant is the refrigerant of the present. And it’s no surprise that Carrier® was the only manufacturer to develop indoor-cooling products using Puron® Refrigerant. As companies worldwide raced to upgrade to chlorine-free refrigerants, Carrier® offered the experience of having introduced the first air conditioners with an alternative refrigerant in 1996.


Energy Star
Introduced in 1992, the ENERGY STAR symbol was first used in the United States as an indicator of energy efficiency for computers and monitors. The program proved to be so popular that it was expanded to include a host of specifications for office equipment. Today, the symbol can be found on almost 40 types of products.


Canada was one of the first countries in the world to adopt a labelling program for appliances. To ensure that consumers received fair and objective information on the energy consumption of appliances, test standards were developed to establish a level playing field for all manufacturers and to ensure that energy efficiency claims were factual and comparable.


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